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KOF Wing 1.9 Game

Description for game KOF Wing 1.9
KOF Wing 1.9 - KOF Wing 1.9, new cool character Haohmaru has joined in the The King of Fighters v1.9 fighting assembly! Totally 12 characters to choose from, and the kung fu skills of each character has been greatly upgraded. KOF Wing games have always been the masterpieces of Kung Fu Fighting games. Start now!
You can download the game "KOF Wing 1.9" and thousands of other games on our website. To download the game "KOF Wing 1.9" does not need registration or other additional steps.
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How to start the game

If the correct settings of your computer flash game is started by double-clicking the downloaded file. If it does not, contact your computer support. An alternative way to run downloaded games - drag a saved game file in a web browser such as FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Why is the game does not work

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